Georgia All-Payer Claims Database Advisory Committee

The Georgia All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) Advisory Committee is established by O.C.G.A. §31-53-41 for the purpose of making recommendations regarding the creation of the framework and implementation plan for the APCD.

The committee is chaired by the Office of Health Strategy and Coordination and includes representatives from the following:

  • Senate Appropriations Health and Human Development Subcommittee
  • House Appropriations Health Subcommittee
  • Office of Planning and Budget
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Community Health
  • Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
  • Hospital industry
  • Health care philanthropic community
  • Insurance industry

Current Committee Membership

The following people currently serve on the APCD Advisory Committee:

  • Elizabeth Holcomb, JD, MPH: APCD Advisory Committee Chair; Director, Office of Health Strategy and Coordination
  • Gregory Esper, MD: Associate Chief Medical Officer, Emory Healthcare
  • Senator Ben Watson, MD: District 1 Georgia State Senate, Chair of Senate Appropriations Health & Human Development Subcommittee   
  • Gregg Conley, JD: Executive Counsel, Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner
  • Jon Duke, MD: Director, Center for Health Analytics and Informatics at Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Richard Dunn: Director, Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget
  • Matthew Hicks: Representative of the Hospital Industry
  • Chad Purcell: Chief Technology Officer, Georgia Dept. of Community Health
  • Crysty Odom: (Retired) St. Mary's Foundation Director, St. Mary's Health Care System
  • Representative Darlene Taylor: District 173 Georgia House of Representatives, Chair of House Appropriations Health Subcommittee
  • Kathleen Toomey MD, MPH: Commissioner & State Health Officer, Georgia Dept. of Public Health

Committee Charter


Workgroups and Subgroups

In support of the Advisory Committee and the APCD program overall, the following workgroups and subgroups were established:

Use Case Workgroup: To consider ways APCD data could be used in Georgia to meet legislative goals; to develop a list of use cases for APCD implementation; to prioritize those initial use cases which would bring the greatest value to the state, given the volume and types of data that will initially be available.

Technical Design Workgroup: To consider technical design options for the APCD, the experiences of states who have implemented APCDs, and review technical trends that have emerged during the evolution of APCDs in other states.

  • Data Submissions Standards subgroup: To set the standards for data to be collected in the APCD and develop a Data Submission Guide for payers and other submitters.

Data Privacy, Security, and Access Workgroup: To consider best practices and recommend policies and processes for protecting both the APCD data and the privacy of Georgians whose care is represented in the claims data; To determine policies and processes for government and private entities to obtain data products from the APCD.

  • Data Use Agreements subgroup: To provide input to OHSC and GTRI-CHAI on the provisions and obligations for inclusion in agreements that will be executed between the APCD and approved recipients of APCD data.

Workgroups' Recommendations to the Advisory Committee