The APCD implementation has been a collaborative effort led by the Office of Health Strategy and Coordination (OHSC) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Center for Health Analytics and Informatics (CHAI), supported by multiple entities.

OHSC created the APCD and oversees its implementation. The OHSC Director chairs the APCD Advisory Committee, which was established by O.C.G.A. §31-53-41 for the purpose of making recommendations regarding the creation of the framework and implementation plan for the APCD. The Advisory Committee is also responsible for making ongoing recommendations to the OHSC Director to ensure the APCD continues to meet its objectives and to evaluate the APCD at least every five years. Workgroups comprising a diverse range of subject matter experts were established to make recommendations to the APCD Advisory Committee regarding the design and implementation of the APCD.

The APCD administrator is GTRI-CHAI. The administrator’s responsibilities include protecting patient privacy, determining what reports and data to make available to the public, and conducting analyses using APCD data.

The APCD administrator is working with the Data Governance Planning Team (DGPT) to define the principles, policies, and application process for use of Georgia APCD data. The APCD is in the process of establishing a Data Release Review Committee (DRRC). The DRRC is responsible for reviewing data request applications and advising the administrator on whether requests are consistent with the objectives of the APCD; aim to improve the health, wellbeing and cost of care in the State of Georgia; and comply with best practices for data privacy and security.

Additional collaborators include the Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC) and Georgia Technology Authority (GTA).

Annual Reports