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About APCD Data

The APCD primarily contains medical, dental, and pharmacy insurance claims. Insurance claims refers to information related to healthcare services provided to patients and the associated costs that are submitted to health insurance providers for reimbursement. Common data elements found in claims data include information about visits, procedures, diagnoses, medication dispensing, costs of care, and demographics.

What data are in the Georgia APCD?

For the latest data, see the Georgia APCD Snapshot.

The Georgia APCD has data related to 862+ million claims (including years 2018-2023), 9.7+ million patients (2018-2023) (54.6% Female | 45.3% Male | 0.01% Other), and 29 submitters (97% are private payers). The APCD contains medical insurance eligibility for 45% of Georgia residents, pharmacy insurance eligibility for 63% of Georgia residents, and dental insurance eligibility for 23% of Georgia residents.

Georgia APCD Overall Metrics

The Georgia APCD contains: 560 million procedures, spanning 33,959 different procedure types; 660 million diagnoses, spanning 12,240 different conditions; 283 million prescriptions, spanning 12,071 different medications; and 194 million visits  (Outpatient 64%, Emergency 25%, Inpatient 11%). APCD data includes over 53,000 low-back MRIs done in 2022, with prices varying from $215 to $20,171. The cost of a hip replacement in Georgia ranges from $1,844 to $51,505. Limited data based on GA APCD as of September

How do you decide if you need Public vs Non-Public Data?

A significant amount of valuable data will be made publicly available by the Georgia APCD that should address the information needs of many Georgians, including on topics of healthcare cost, quality, and population health. Refer to Public Data for a list of topics for public data release in 2024.  For organizations that are familiar with analysis of medical claims and have the necessary security and methodological expertise, Non-Public "claims-level" data can address questions not covered by public data releases.

How can information from the APCD be accessed?

Public data including Dashboards, Public Reports, and Public Use Files (PUFs) will be made available under Public Data on the APCD website in early 2024.  For those interested in other data, find out more about the planned process for requesting Non-Public Data and Custom Reports.